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Clear hearing,
priced to fit any

Meet the team


Chuck Smith is a licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist in the state of Indiana with over 23 years of experience helping people achieve better hearing. Chuck is passionate about helping people hear the best they can in the most affordable way possible. This passion is what drove him to open his first Affordable Hearing office in Rochester, Indiana in 2018. 

A high demand for thorough and comprehensive diagnostic hearing evaluations and more affordable hearing aid options led Chuck and his staff to open a second location in Logansport, Indiana in May of 2023.


Chris Smith is a Hearing apprentice who recently completed his service with the United States Marine Corps, where he spent time working on electrical components and trained other Marines in marksmanship on a gun range.

After Chris's time on the range, he began to experience constant tinnitus, or a ringing in his ears. That led him to a deep desire to better understand tinnitus and hearing healthcare. Chris wanted to be able to help people with hearing issues like his. He knew that Affordable Hearing would be the place to do it.


Kelli is a mom of 2 adult children and a wife to a wonderful husband of 21 years. She has been with us at Affordable Hearing for almost 6 months now and has enjoyed it immensely. Kelli previously worked with the elderly in the home healthcare field and feels that working at Affordable Hearing fit well into her desire to help others, especially the elderly.


Kelli says that it is inspiring to see lives changed by something as simple as hearing aids and for her to be part of that is something very special.

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Customer focused hearing care

It's unfortunate that healthcare has become focused on profits instead of care. We see it everywhere, from the price of medicine to the fighting over health insurance... and it troubles us. We know we are bucking the trend, swimming against the tide, but we are doing what we feel is right. We are blessed to have a team that shares this ideal and we will continue to focus on helping you through the most cost effective programs we can develop.



Our prices are typically 60% below the local competition, not below some inflated price. We believe we offer the lowest prices available to the public from a full service Hearing Care Provider


We're ahead of the curve in complying with the goals set forth by consumer groups like the Hearing Loss Association of America in providing pricing options and transparency.


100% Digital Technology.
We only sell fully digital programmable hearing aids, even our lowest price units. Others will bring in cheap analog devices in order to compete on price, but to us, that's cheating the consumer.

A better way to buy hearing aids

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We never want cost to keep someone from getting their hearing tested.
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It’s not about how hearing aids sound in a quite office, it’s about how much they help in real life. That’s why we offer you the chance to try our hearing aids at no cost for a week or two.
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Bundled, un-bundled or somewhere in-between, it’s not about maximizing our profits, it’s about what is best for you.
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Hearing Aids are electronic devices used in a hostile environment. They require cleaning, service and updating. Tips, tubes and wires need to be checked and replaced regularly.
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